The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced a significant decision to eliminate two-lane national highways across India, which are considered unsafe for road travelers.

This initiative aims to replace these with four-lane or six-lane highways, or those with access control, to enhance road safety and reduce accidents.

Safety Concerns on Two-Lane Highways:

  • Two-lane national highways have been identified as particularly dangerous due to their narrow width of 10 meters, which lacks dividers.


  • The absence of dividers often leads to head-on collisions, especially during overtaking maneuvers.
  • Additionally, these roads accommodate mixed traffic including cyclists, pedestrians, and rickshaws, which further contributes to the high incidence of road accidents.

Statistics and Impact:

  • In 2022, India witnessed 461,312 road accidents, resulting in 168,491 fatalities. Of these, 36.2% occurred on national highways and 24.3% on state highways.


  • The data underscores the disproportionate number of accidents and fatalities occurring on two-lane national highways compared to broader roads.

Upcoming Changes:

  • The ministry plans to convert existing two-lane highways into four-lane or six-lane highways, which range from 14.8 to 15.6 meters in width.


  • These wider highways will include central dividers to prevent head-on collisions and ensure safer passage for vehicles.

Expected Benefits:

  • The transformation of two-lane highways into broader roads with better infrastructure is expected to significantly reduce road accidents and fatalities.


  • The introduction of dividers will decrease the likelihood of head-on collisions, a common issue on narrower roads.

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