On Friday, the capital city experienced scorching heat and intense sunshine, leaving residents sweltering. Najafgarh recorded temperatures exceeding 47 degrees Celsius, while Delhi’s average maximum temperature reached 43.6 degrees Celsius, the highest for the season.

This is three degrees higher than normal. Friday, May 18, marked the hottest day in Delhi in 13 years, with Najafgarh recording the highest temperature at 47.4 degrees Celsius.

According to the Meteorological Department, Delhiites will continue to face heatwave conditions over the next two days, prompting an orange alert.

Record Broken in 24 Hours

The Meteorological Department noted that Thursday was the hottest day of the season at Dwarka Gate No. 0, with a temperature of 42.5 degrees Celsius. However, within just 24 hours, the temperature surged by over a degree Celsius, making Friday the hottest day of the season.

Heatwave to Persist

The Meteorological Department predicts that Delhi will endure heatwave conditions for the next six days. During this period, maximum temperatures are expected to remain between 44 and 45 degrees Celsius. Specific areas in Delhi and NCR recorded the following temperatures:

  • Najafgarh: 47.4°C
  • Mungeshpur: 46.5°C
  • Aya Nagar: 46.2°C
  • Pusa: 45.9°C
  • Jafarpur: 45.9°C
  • Gurgaon: 44.6°C
  • Ghaziabad: 43.7°C
  • Noida: 45.2°C

Forecast for the Weekend

Delhiites should brace for more heat over the weekend. The maximum temperature on Saturday is expected to be 44 degrees Celsius, while Sunday could see temperatures rise to 45 degrees Celsius. Additionally, wind speeds are estimated to range between 10 to 24 kilometers per hour during this period.

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