RattanIndia Power Limited, one of India’s largest private power generation companies, operates thermal power plants in Amravati and Nashik, Maharashtra, with a combined capacity of 2,700 MW.

Each location has a capacity of 1,350 MW. The company’s stock has seen significant buying activity, making it one of today’s top gainers and volume leaders. Trading volumes on the BSE have surged 4.29 times.

Shareholding Pattern

As of March 2024, promoters held a 44.06% stake in the company. The stake of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) increased to 2.04% from the previous 0.76%. Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) held approximately 6.61%, according to recent updates.


Stock and Financial Performance

On Wednesday, RattanIndia Power’s stock rallied by 5%, reaching a peak of ₹12.04 per share on the BSE, and closed at the same price. The company’s market capitalization stood at ₹6,465.61 crore.

Over the past year, the stock has delivered a multibagger return of approximately 280%. Over the past five years, it has achieved a remarkable return of 467%.

Financial Performance

In FY23, RattanIndia Power Limited reported revenue of ₹3,231 crore, a slight decline of 0.87% from the previous year’s ₹3,260 crore. The company earned an operating profit of ₹738 crore, down from ₹803 crore the previous year.

The net loss for FY23 was ₹1,870 crore. The company has yet to announce its current quarterly results and annual performance for FY24, but these are expected soon.

Notable Investors and Technical Expertise

RattanIndia Power’s plants span 2,400 acres. Major financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Värde Partners, USA, are among its investors.

Advice for Investors

Investors should keep an eye on this small-cap multibagger stock for potential opportunities.

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