For several years, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has had regulations in place to curb fraudulent and bothersome marketing calls. Despite these efforts, marketing companies frequently violate these rules, causing inconvenience to customers.

In response, TRAI has decided to further tighten these regulations to put a complete stop to such calls. They are also preparing to increase the fines for these violations.

What’s the Issue?

Marketing companies often break these rules, leading to customer harassment. To address this, TRAI has announced plans to make the rules stricter and enforce higher penalties against these companies. This move aims to ensure that customers are no longer troubled by unwanted marketing calls.

TRAI Chairman’s Statement

On Friday, TRAI Chairman Anil Kumar Lahoti stated, “We have established a robust system and rules to prevent such calls, but some individuals are misusing them, causing inconvenience to mobile customers.

It’s time to bring changes to this system. TRAI will soon issue a consultation paper to gather public suggestions on this matter.”

New Series Starting from 160

Lahoti also mentioned that TRAI plans to ban promotional calls from 10-digit mobile numbers. The government had previously issued a series starting with 140 for promotional calls, but this series was also used for service and transactional calls.

TRAI has proposed to the Department of Telecommunications to issue a new series starting from 160 for service and transactional calls, ensuring a separate series for promotional calls. This new series is expected to be released soon.

Consumer Affairs Department’s Draft

Recently, the Consumer Affairs Department also presented a draft of regulations to prevent misleading calls, describing such calls as an illegal business practice.

Lahoti emphasized that every government department aims to stop these calls. TRAI has already recommended implementing Calling Name Presentation to address this issue.

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