An Air India flight traveling from Delhi to Bangalore was forced to return to Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in Delhi on Friday evening after a suspected fire in the air conditioning unit. The plane, identified as flight AI807, departed Delhi at approximately 5:20 pm, carrying 175 passengers.

What Happened?

About 30 minutes into the flight, reports of a fire emerged, prompting air traffic control to declare a full emergency at 5:52 pm. The pilot acted swiftly, prioritizing the safety of all onboard, and initiated a safe return to Delhi.

Safe Landing and Response

The aircraft successfully touched down at Delhi airport by 6:38 pm. Firefighting crews were on standby and immediately extinguished the fire upon landing. Thankfully, no injuries were reported among the passengers or crew.

Air India’s Official Statement

An Air India spokesperson stated, “Air India flight AI807 flying Delhi to Bengaluru returned to Delhi this evening after a fire warning from its auxiliary power unit. The pilots exercised the necessary protocols, and the aircraft made an uneventful landing. All passengers and crew deplaned safely. Air India accords top priority to the safety and well-being of its passengers. Our colleagues on the ground have made alternative arrangements for guests to proceed to their destination at the earliest.”

Another Incident Earlier

This was the second Air India incident on the same day. Earlier, a Delhi-bound Air India flight was canceled after it hit a luggage tractor trolley while taxiing for departure at Pune airport. This incident occurred around 4 pm on Thursday.

Key Takeaways

  • Flight Details: Air India AI807 from Delhi to Bangalore.
  • Incident: Suspected fire in the AC unit.
  • Emergency Landing: Declared at 5:52 pm, landed safely at 6:38 pm.
  • Safety Measures: Fire extinguished, no injuries reported.
  • Official Response: Air India ensured passenger safety and made alternative travel arrangements.

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