The Bulandshahr Development Authority (BDA) is set to develop a township spanning 250 acres across four villages in Dadri. This move, aimed at elevating Indian Rail to international standards, marks the first instance where farmers will be compensated with 6% of the acquired land as developed plots.

Included within the BDA’s developmental zone are certain villages from the Gautam Buddha Nagar district’s Dadri tehsil. Jyotsna Yadav, the secretary of BDA, revealed that the land acquisition process for the township has commenced. The project will be developed under the Chief Minister’s Urban Expansion Scheme and will cover the villages of Kaimrala, Chakrasenpur, Ghodi Bachheda, and Chamarawal Ramgarh.

The land for the township is being acquired through mutual agreements with the farmers. For the first time, the authority plans to develop a township on 250 acres of village land, with 40% of the land allocated for commercial and industrial plots. Santosh Kumar, the Chief Financial Officer of BDA, stated that farmers would bear the stamp duty and registry fees for the developed plots.

The township will consist of 40% commercial, industrial plots, and the remainder as residential plots. The BDA will provide 6% of these plots to farmers from these villages, a proposal that has already been approved in a board meeting. Farmers allocated these 6% plots will be required to pay a development charge, set at ₹7300 per square meter, within three months of receiving the allotment letter.

This initiative by the Bulandshahr Development Authority represents a significant step towards developing infrastructure and providing better living conditions in the region. By involving the local farming community directly in the developmental process and offering them a stake in the upcoming township, BDA aims to foster a sense of ownership and participation among the local populace.


Here’s a summary table of the key information regarding the Bulandshahr Development Authority’s township plan in Dadri:

Aspect Details
Development Authority Bulandshahr Development Authority (BDA)
Location Dadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar district
Total Land 250 acres
Compensation to Farmers 6% of acquired land as developed plots
Included Villages Kaimrala, Chakrasenpur, Ghodi Bachheda, Chamarawal Ramgarh
Development Scheme Chief Minister’s Urban Expansion Scheme
Land Use 40% commercial and industrial, 60% residential
Costs Borne by Farmers Stamp duty and registry fees for the developed plots
Plot Allocation to Farmers 6% plots from the township
Development Charge ₹7300 per square meter, payable within three months of allotment

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