In a significant industrial development, the Yamuna Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has announced the establishment of four foreign mobile phone manufacturing companies in Sector-10. This initiative falls under the EMC 2.0 scheme, aiming to set up mobile units across 200 acres, doubling the initially planned 100-acre setup.

During a board meeting held in March, the decision to establish mobile units in the YEIDA area was finalized. Dr. Arun Veer Singh, CEO of the Yamuna Authority, highlighted that this move is set to provide employment opportunities to hundreds and catalyze investments worth thousands of crores into the region.

Industrial Sector Development in Sector-10: Sector-10 of YEIDA City is being developed as an industrial sector, with plans for five industrial parks already proposed. The EMC area has been expanded to 200 acres to accommodate these ambitious projects. To facilitate this expansion, a compensation distribution process has been accelerated, with Rs. 681 crore already disbursed to the farmers of Sector-10.

The acquisition process involves 243.96 hectares of land from the villages of Myana, Aakalpur, and Maksudpur, building on an initial fund release of Rs. 72 crore. The area is set to see the development of diverse industrial parks, including leather, electric vehicles (EV), handicrafts, semiconductors, and plastic parks.

This strategic development not only aims to boost the local economy by providing ample employment opportunities but also positions Yamuna City as a key player in the national manufacturing landscape. With the inclusion of foreign mobile phone companies, the region is poised to make significant contributions to India’s growing technological and industrial advancements.

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