The Actress Pushes the Boundaries of Conventional Fashion: In a new fashion shocker, actress Urfi Javed has once again pushed the boundaries of conventional style norms. Known for her daring and unique fashion choices, Javed recently went topless, choosing to cover her body with strategically placed plastic hands.

Urfi Javed: Defying Norms, Creating Conversations

Urfi Javed’s bold and unconventional approach to fashion has often made headlines and sparked conversations. Whether it’s her choice of outfits or her unapologetic attitude towards body positivity, Javed continues to challenge the norms and redefine fashion standards. This recent instance of her going topless, with only plastic hands as her cover, has added another feather in her cap of distinct style choices.


In her latest audacious fashion move, actress Urfi Javed has gone topless, opting to cover her body using plastic hands. Known for her fearless fashion choices and body positivity, Javed continues to challenge traditional style norms and provoke dialogue with her unique wardrobe selections.

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