India is placing a big bet on flex fuel and hopes to achieve 20% ethanol-blended fuel by 2025. However, this technology is not only popular in India but also in some other markets and has several benefits.

Today we are talking about the Corolla Flex Fuel prototype, which shows how a hybrid powertrain can be combined with flex fuel.

Costs will decrease, emissions will be reduced

The car can run on high-quality pure ethanol, which reduces costs, emissions, and many other factors. However, India wants to increase its hybrid powertrain with its share up to 20%, which includes electric, petrol, and ethanol.

To achieve this compatibility with high-quality ethanol, this prototype had to be improved on a large scale and several parts had to be changed or added.

However, Toyota also says that this does not bring any changes in performance, while this low-cost fuel is clean and also reduces emissions.

How is the Corolla Flex Fuel?

With more ethanol blending, India’s oil bill will decrease, and with regular petrol/ethanol blending, it will also be a hybrid powertrain, which will provide fuel to the Toyota Flex Innova.

As far as the car is concerned, the Corolla looks sharper with its new version with a large touchscreen and a clean interior, and the quality of the materials used is also very good.

It also has good space and comfort. However, the sales of sedan cars in this segment have decreased significantly in the market, but the Corolla brand name is still strong. Toyota has no plans to bring back the Corolla or the flex fuel version to the market.

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