The Bajaj Qute is a vehicle that challenges conventional definitions. It’s not quite a car, not quite a motorcycle, but rather a quadricycle designed to offer an alternative for urban transportation. Let’s delve into what makes the Qute stand out.

What is the Bajaj Qute?

The Qute is a four-wheeler with a compact design, making it exceptionally maneuverable in crowded city streets. It’s categorized as a quadricycle, which means it falls under a different set of regulations than traditional cars.

Key Features:

  • Engine: The Qute is powered by a 216.6cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. It comes in both petrol and CNG variants.
  • Transmission: A 5-speed manual gearbox ensures smooth shifting.
  • Seating: The Qute can accommodate up to four passengers, making it suitable for small families or shared rides.


  • Fuel Efficiency: One of its biggest draws is its impressive fuel efficiency. The CNG variant boasts up to 43 km/kg, while the petrol version delivers around 35 km/l.
  • Safety: While not as robust as traditional cars, the Qute does come equipped with a single airbag and seat belts for all passengers.
  • Cost: The Qute is notably affordable, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.


Who is the Bajaj Qute For?

The Qute is ideal for:

  • Urban Commuters: Its small size and maneuverability make it perfect for navigating congested city traffic.
  • First-Time Car Buyers: The Qute’s affordability makes it a good entry point into vehicle ownership.
  • Commercial Use: It has gained popularity for use as auto-rickshaws and delivery vehicles due to its low running costs.
  • Environmentally Conscious Drivers: The CNG variant offers a cleaner and more eco-friendly option.


Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Suitable for short commutes and city driving


  • Limited power and speed
  • Not ideal for highway driving
  • Limited safety features compared to larger cars
  • May not be as comfortable for long journeys


The Bajaj Qute is a unique vehicle that fills a specific niche in the automotive market. It’s not for everyone, but for those seeking an affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-drive option for city use, the Qute offers a compelling solution.

Additional Information:

  • The Qute is available in several states in India, including Kerala, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.
  • The price varies depending on the variant and state taxes.
  • Before purchasing, it’s advisable to test drive the Qute to see if it meets your specific needs and preferences.

Bajaj has launched the Qute at a starting price of Rs 2.48 lakh (ex-showroom Maharashtra).

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