Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, is poised to make a significant entry into India, a move long awaited by automotive enthusiasts and industry analysts alike.

The imminent visit of Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, who is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi next week, is expected to herald key announcements regarding Tesla’s plans in India.

Overview of Tesla’s Current Global Lineup

Tesla offers a diverse range of models, including the luxury Model S and Model X, the more affordable Model 3 and Model Y, and the unique Cybertruck. These vehicles cater to various consumer preferences and financial capabilities, from high-end to more economical choices.

Price Speculations in India

Initial estimates suggest that the Tesla Model 3 and Model S might be introduced in the Indian market at a price point of around 70 lakh INR, according to automotive websites like Carwale and Cardekho. Meanwhile, the Cybertruck and the upcoming budget Model 2 are projected to be priced at approximately 50.70 lakh INR and 45 lakh INR, respectively.

Potential Impact of India’s New EV Policy

The recent introduction of a new EV policy by the Indian government could significantly influence Tesla’s pricing strategy. This policy reduces the import duty on fully assembled electric cars from 100% to 15% for companies that invest at least $500 million and establish manufacturing facilities in India. Here’s how this policy could affect Tesla’s pricing:


  • Model 3: The price could drop from 70 lakh INR to about 40.25 lakh INR.
  • Model 2: With the new EV policy, this budget model could cost around 25.88 lakh INR, significantly lower than initially expected.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Market Entry: Tesla’s potential entry could dramatically shift the competitive landscape of the Indian automotive market, particularly in the electric vehicle segment.
  • Economic Impact: Establishing a manufacturing base in India would not only reduce prices but also potentially lead to job creation and stimulate the local economy through investments in related industries.


  • Sustainable Transport Solutions: By introducing advanced electric vehicles, Tesla would contribute to India’s sustainability goals, promoting environmentally friendly transportation solutions.
  • Accessibility and Affordability: The new EV policy might make Tesla’s vehicles more accessible and affordable to a broader segment of the Indian population, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

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