In New Delhi, to address the persistent traffic congestion along Ring Road from Hanuman Temple to Kashmiri Gate and Chandgi Ram Akhada, temporary traffic modifications have been implemented based on the recommendations of traffic expert Atul Ranjit Kumar.

These changes are undergoing a 10-day trial to evaluate their effectiveness, with the potential to become permanent if successful.

Temporary Traffic Changes Implemented:

Relocation of Bus Gate:

The main entrance of the Kashmiri Gate Bus Station has been moved 30 meters forward to the Yudhishthir Setu. This change allows buses to access Ring Road directly under the flyover, bypassing the previous 90-degree turn that often caused traffic jams.


Closure of U-turn at Nigam Bodh Ghat:

The U-turn used by buses coming from Nigam Bodh Ghat towards the bus station has been closed to streamline traffic flow. Buses now use an alternative U-turn at Salimgarh Bypass, re-entering the bus station via Hanuman Temple.


New U-turn at Monastery:

The U-turn for vehicles traveling from Kashmiri Gate towards Nigam Bodh Ghat has been closed. Drivers must now use a new U-turn at the monastery, which extends the travel distance but is expected to alleviate congestion.

The senior traffic officer indicated that these modifications were initiated on Monday night. Positive outcomes from the trial will be communicated to the government and relevant agencies, potentially leading to these changes being made permanent.

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