The conversion of diesel and petrol vehicles into electric ones is gaining momentum across the country. Individuals, driven either by sentimental attachment to their vehicles or a preference for electric alternatives, are increasingly opting to convert their old cars, bikes, and scooters into electric variants.

However, this surge in conversions often occurs without proper authorization or understanding of the legal framework governing such modifications.

Legal Status and Regulatory Challenges
Under current transport laws in India, converting old vehicles into electric ones is prohibited. Despite this, some states are exploring the possibility of permitting such conversions under certain conditions.

The Central Government is also deliberating on this matter, with significant decisions expected in the near future. Presently, any old vehicles discovered on the roads, particularly those deemed fit for scrapping, are intercepted and sent for dismantling.

Additionally, vehicles registered in districts other than where they are found incur a penalty of Rs 5000, and the relevant Regional Transport Office (RTO) is duly notified.

Legal Ramifications for Bike Conversions
Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act explicitly prohibits the installation of electric engines in petrol-based bikes. However, due to a lack of awareness, many individuals proceed with converting their petrol bikes into electric ones.

Yet, such unauthorized modifications not only violate the law but also risk the vehicle being impounded and scrapped upon detection.

Any alterations made to the bike that deviate from the information on its registration certificate are considered illegal, inviting potential administrative actions.

Adherence to Regulations: A Necessity
In light of the evolving landscape surrounding vehicle conversions, adherence to existing regulations is imperative.

Engaging in unauthorized modifications can result in financial penalties and the disposal of the vehicle. It is advisable to await any legal amendments or seek proper permissions before embarking on any alterations to one’s vehicle.

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