The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) finds itself embroiled in a challenging phase as key leaders face incarceration amidst the Delhi Excise Policy Scam case. Amidst these developments, the party alleges a concerted effort to destabilize the duly elected government of Delhi.

During a press conference on Friday, Minister Atishi claimed that a political conspiracy is underway against their party. The resignation and departure from the party of Rajkumar Anand, a minister and MLA, are seen as part of this alleged conspiracy.

The AAP asserts that these events are unexpected and suggest external pressures, particularly pointing fingers at the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for coercing Rajkumar Anand’s resignation. Atishi also hinted at the possibility of President’s Rule being imposed in Delhi in the coming days.

Atishi outlined five indicators suggesting the imminent imposition of President’s Rule. She emphasized a perceived change in the Lieutenant Governor’s behavior and noted the absence of appointments of senior officials in Delhi. While the Lieutenant Governor claims that ministers are absent from meetings, the truth is that Delhi government officials are not attending ministerial meetings.

Furthermore, the private secretary to the Chief Minister has been dismissed over an old fabricated case. Atishi cautioned that imposing President’s Rule under the guise of a political conspiracy would be unconstitutional.

She reassured the people of Delhi that whether Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal remains in jail or is released, he will continue to work for the welfare of Delhi’s residents. Additionally, she promised that the pledged Rs. 1,000 to Delhi’s women would be disbursed as promised, urging them not to be anxious.

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