Land Survey Begins to Raise Circle Rates in Ghaziabad. Buying land in Ghaziabad is about to get more expensive. Authorities have initiated a survey to increase the circle rates for land prices, especially in villages and main roads bordering the city. The team, including SDMs, Tehsildars, and the Revenue Department, aims to complete the survey by July 15th and then send a proposal to the government for approval.

City Expansion Driving Up Land Prices

The continuous expansion of the city is pushing land prices to new heights. There’s a significant difference between the current circle rates and market prices across the district.

Typically, people pay stamp duty based on the circle rate, but the actual purchase price is often much higher. One of the main reasons for this gap is the lack of updates to the circle rates over the past several years.

Key Focus Areas of the Ongoing Survey

1. Market vs. Circle Rates
The survey will focus on areas where market rates exceed circle rates, determining how much to increase the circle rates.

2. Commercial Expansion
Areas and main roads experiencing commercial growth will be identified, and new segments will be proposed for these regions.

3. Agricultural Land Assessment
Agricultural lands along all main roads will be examined to see if any commercial activities are taking place, which will influence the circle rate adjustments.

4. Urban Area Plot Evaluation
Plots in populated areas will be scrutinized to analyze the gap between circle rates and market prices.

5. Land Usage Investigation
The survey will also open land records (Gata numbers) to investigate the types of activities occurring on these lands.

Impact on Land Transactions

Currently, people are registering agricultural land at circle rates but actually purchasing it at market prices. This discrepancy is affecting land transactions significantly.

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