In a recent overnight operation, New Delhi police took decisive action against 28 bikers accused of performing dangerous stunts on their motorcycles along Sansad Marg and Kartavya Path.

The swift police response underscores the city’s commitment to ensuring public safety and maintaining order on the streets.

Details of the Police Operation

The operation took place in the early hours of Wednesday, around 3:30 AM, when a patrolling police team first spotted the group of bikers.

DCP Devesh Kumar Mahla explained that upon observing the reckless behavior, the patrolling officers coordinated with the local police stations to set up roadblocks and strategically contain the bikers within their respective areas.

Legal Actions Taken

Following the successful interception of the stunt performers, police action was prompt. Cases were filed against 24 of the bikers under IPC Section 279 at the Sansad Marg police station for reckless driving.

Additional legal proceedings were initiated at the Kartavya Path police station, where the remainder of the bikers were processed.

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