It is extremely hot in many cities of the country including Delhi-NCR, leading to a number of fatalities. The rising temperatures have forced many people to rely heavily on air conditioning to stay cool.

Health Concerns


The increasing heat has caused widespread health issues, with many people suffering from serious diseases as a result. The use of air conditioning has become essential to combat the extreme temperatures and protect people’s health.

AC Usage Guidelines


The Ministry has provided guidelines on the optimal temperatures for operating air conditioners. During summer, the AC should be set between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius, while during winter months, it should be set at 18-22 degrees Celsius. Following these recommendations can help in efficient and effective use of AC.

AC Rating Importance


Prior to purchasing an air conditioner, it is crucial to consider the energy rating. Opting for a 5 Star AC is recommended to ensure energy efficiency and cost savings in the long run.

  • Extreme heat in many cities, causing fatalities


  • Increased reliance on air conditioning


  • Health issues due to severe heat


  • Ministry guidelines on AC temperature settings


  • Importance of AC energy rating

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