The Toyota Fortuner enjoys unparalleled popularity in India’s SUV segment. However, if you’re looking for something different, several compelling alternatives offer a unique blend of features, performance, and value. Let’s dive into some top contenders:

1. MG Gloster

  • Price Range: ₹35 Lakhs – ₹48 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Why Consider: The Gloster stands out for its luxurious cabin, spaciousness, and impressive features. It boasts a powerful diesel engine option and available Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Its imposing presence and premium feel make it a worthwhile Fortuner rival.



2. Skoda Kodiaq

  • Price Range: ₹39 Lakhs – ₹42 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Why Consider: The Kodiaq combines European styling with practicality and refinement. It boasts a well-crafted interior, a turbocharged petrol engine with smooth power delivery, and a comfortable ride. This SUV offers an excellent all-around package.

3. Jeep Meridian

  • Price: ₹36.60 Lakhs – ₹41.10 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Why Consider: The Meridian brings Jeep’s rugged appeal and off-roading prowess to the segment. Its powerful diesel engine, comfortable ride quality, and spacious third row make it a worthy alternative. If you seek a bit more adventure, the Meridian is a strong contender.

4. Isuzu MU-X

  • Price Range: ₹38 Lakhs – ₹41 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Why Consider: The MU-X is known for its bulletproof reliability, robust build quality, and capable 4×4 system. It’s a true off-roader at heart. If you frequently venture onto challenging terrains, the MU-X is a reliable companion.

5. Mahindra Alturas G4

  • Price Range: ₹35 Lakhs – ₹38.50 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Why Consider: The Alturas G4 offers excellent value with its feature-rich cabin, sophisticated styling, and a refined diesel powertrain. It’s a good choice for buyers looking for a blend of comfort and features without breaking the bank.

Important Considerations

  • Your Priorities: Determine your needs. Do you prioritize luxury, off-road capabilities, brand value, or a specific feature set?
  • Budget: These alternatives offer varying price points. Establish your budget before comparing.
  • Test Drives: Always test-drive the cars you are considering to get a real-world feel for their performance and features.

Beyond the Obvious

Here are a couple of less mainstream, yet exciting, options to consider:

  • Citroën C5 Aircross: Priced from around ₹38 Lakhs, this unique French SUV offers quirky styling, an exceptionally comfortable ride, and good value.
  • Volkswagen Tiguan: Priced at around ₹35 Lakhs, the Tiguan brings German engineering, a refined driving experience, and a premium image.

The Best Fortuner Alternative?

The best Fortuner alternative depends on your individual preferences and priorities. Thoroughly research, compare, and test-drive the vehicles on your shortlist.

Note: Prices are indicative and can change. For the most updated on-road pricing in your area, always inquire at the official dealerships.

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