The Toyota Fortuner, a beloved SUV in India, has entered a new era with the introduction of its mild hybrid variant. This addition to the Fortuner lineup brings enhanced fuel efficiency, improved performance, and a reduced environmental impact, making it an even more compelling choice for Indian drivers.

Mild Hybrid Technology:

The Fortuner Mild Hybrid utilizes a 48-volt electric motor that assists the 2.8-liter diesel engine .This system captures energy during deceleration and braking, storing it in a battery. The stored energy is then used to boost acceleration and provide additional torque, resulting in a more responsive and efficient driving experience.

EnhancedFuel Efficiency:

The mild hybrid system significantly improves the Fortuner’s fuel efficiency. TheARAI-certified fuel economy of the Fortuner Mild Hybrid is 14.92 kmpl, a notable improvement over the non-hybrid version’s 13.76 kmpl. This translates to lower fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint, making the Fortuner Mild Hybrid a more environmentally conscious choice.

Improved Performance:

The electric motor’s additional power enhances the Fortuner’s acceleration and overall performance.TheSUV now delivers a more responsive throttle response and quicker overtaking maneuvers, making it a more capable and enjoyable vehicle to drive.


The mild hybrid system operates seamlessly, requiring no additional input from the driver. The transition between electric and diesel power is smooth and unnoticeable, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted driving experience.

Additional Features:

The Fortuner Mild Hybrid retains all the features that have made the SUV a popular choice in India. These include a spacious and comfortable interior, a robust build quality, advanced safety features, and a commanding driving position.

Pricingand Availability:

The Toyota Fortuner Mild Hybrid is available in two variants: 4×2 AT and 4×4 AT.The4x2 AT variant starts at โ‚น39.17lakh, while the 4×4 AT variant is priced at โ‚น41.88lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).These prices put the Fortuner Mild Hybrid in line with other premium SUVs in the Indian market.


The Toyota Fortuner Mild Hybrid is a compelling choice for Indian drivers seeking a refined and capable SUV with enhanced fuel efficiency and improved performance. Its combination of advanced technology, impressive features, and competitive pricing makes it a worthy contender in the premium SUV segment. With its reduced environmental impact, the Fortuner Mild Hybrid also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

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