The Mahindra Bolero remains a popular choice in India for its ruggedness, reliability, and spacious seating capacity. The 9-seater variant is particularly sought after for commercial use and transportation in rural areas. Let’s explore its features, pricing, and more:

Price Range

  • The Mahindra Bolero 9 seater (non-AC) is priced at roughly ₹9.53 Lakh (ex-showroom)
  • Prices can vary slightly across different locations and dealerships.



  • The Bolero 9 seater is powered by a 1.5L diesel engine, known for its fuel efficiency.
  • Expect a mileage of around 16 kmpl (as per ARAI certification).
  • Real-world mileage can vary based on driving conditions and load.


Practical and No-Frills Design

  • The Bolero boasts a classic, boxy SUV design that prioritizes function over form.
  • The interior is spartan but functional, with hard-wearing materials built for durability.


Spacious and Flexible Interior

  • The primary appeal of the Bolero 9 Seater lies in its spacious cabin with side-facing bench seats in the rear, accommodating up to nine people.
  • While not the most comfortable for long journeys, it’s ideal for maximizing people hauling capability.



  • The Bolero 9 Seater keeps features to the basics, potentially including:
    • Power steering
    • Air conditioning (depending on variant)
    • Basic safety features like airbags and ABS (on select variants)


Rugged and Reliable

  • The Bolero is built on a ladder-frame chassis, giving it the ability to handle tough terrains.
  • Mahindra engines are known for their reliability and low maintenance costs.


Target Audience

The Mahindra Bolero 9 seater is best suited for:

  • Businesses requiring a people-hauler for commercial transportation
  • Use in rural areas where roads may be less than ideal.
  • Buyers prioritizing durability and practicality over comfort and features.


The Bolero Advantage

The Mahindra Bolero 9 Seater offers a no-nonsense approach to transportation, focusing on space, affordability, and a proven track record of ruggedness. It’s a workhorse designed to tackle challenging conditions and move people with minimal fuss.

Important Notes

  • Features can vary depending on the exact model year.
  • It’s essential to check with authorized Mahindra dealerships for the most accurate pricing and specifications.

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