The happiness of the people of Delhi and its surrounding areas, who were celebrating the new year’s welcome, evaporated when the earth shook in the night. Earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi and its surrounding areas late Sunday night on the first day of the new year.


The National Center for Seismology has not informed about any loss of life or property due to the earthquake. The intensity of the earthquake was 3.8.

Earthquake tremors felt in Haryana

Earthquake tremors were felt in Haryana at 1:19 pm. According to preliminary information, Jhajjar’s Beri was the epicenter of the earthquake and its intensity was 3.8.


In Haryana, the tremor was recorded only 5 kilometers below the ground, due to which many people felt this earthquake. Earthquakes often occur near the Mahendragarh-Dehradun fault line passing through Rohtak-Jhajjar. On which the National Center for Seismology is also keeping a direct eye.


This is the cause of the earthquake

There is a fault line under the ground from Dehradun to Mahendragarh. There are many cracks in it. These days activities are going on in these cracks. Under this the plates move. Vibration is generated only when it collides lightly with each other. It can happen anytime anywhere. Because of this, earthquake tremors are felt.


Rohtak and Jhajjar come in zone three and four

According to the seismic zoning map, Rohtak-Jhajjar falls in Zone III and Zone IV. Earthquakes in India are divided into four zones. Which includes zone two, three, four and five. It is measured according to the hazards. Zone 2 is the least dangerous and zone 5 is the most dangerous. In the map, Zone 2 has been given blue colour, Zone 3 yellow, Zone 4 orange and Zone 5 red. In this, Delhi side area of Rohtak district comes in zone four and Hisar side area comes in zone three.

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