A shocking case has come to light in Delhi’s Kanjhawala. After the accident, on the intervening night of December 31 and January 1, a young woman got trapped under the vehicle and dragged for 7-8 kms. The girl died in this incident. All the clothes were torn off from his body.

Later the dead body of the girl was found in a naked state. Police has arrested five accused in the car. Further investigation is being done in the matter.

Police says that this matter is of accident. According to DCP Outer, the police of Outer Delhi had received information early in the morning that a body was hanging in a vehicle, this vehicle was going towards Qutubgarh. The police team reached the spot and started searching for the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the police got information that a naked dead body of a girl was lying on the road in Kanjhawala area. The crime team was called on the spot and forensic evidence was also collected. The dead body was sent for postmortem. When the police started searching for the car, the car was found in a damaged condition in Sultanpuri.

At the same time, the police also found a scooty which was the victim of the accident. According to the police, after getting information, it was found that after the accident, a girl riding a scooty was trapped in the wheels of the vehicle and the vehicle dragged her for a long distance.

Clothes torn from dragging too far

A video of the incident has surfaced, in which the dead body has been found in a naked state. In such a situation, the police is investigating the matter on all aspects. Initial information The police have called this matter an accident. Investigation revealed that after the accident, the girl went a long way while being dragged by the car, due to which her clothes were torn.

Girl returning home from work

The accused boys who were returning from Murthal Sonipat to their home in Mangolpuri were in an inebriated condition when their girl’s scooty collided near Sultanpuri. After this the girl got trapped under the car and the accused boys kept dragging her for 7-8 kms.

A passer-by called the police after seeing the girl’s body trapped under the car near Jonti village of Kanjhawala. It is learned that the girl was returning home late last night after working as a welcome girl in a private function. During that time an accident happened to him. At present, the accused Amit, who was driving the vehicle, along with Kalu, who was sitting in front of him, along with three other youths have been arrested by the police.

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