On Thursday, the police arrested the person who gave fake information about a bomb in a flight going from Delhi to Pune at Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi IGI Airport). After this information, the flight was stopped and the passengers were disembarked and checked. The flight was taken to an isolation bay, where it was thoroughly screened.


IGI Airport DCP Ravi Kumar Singh told that when nothing was found in the flight, a case was registered and investigation started. Then the person from whom the call was received was put on surveillance and during investigation it was found that it was in the name of Abhinav Prakash. The house of the accused was raided in Dwarka Sector-22 and he was arrested. The accused is a Trainee Ticket Agent in British Airways.


Friends wanted to spend more time with female friends

The accused said that his two friends Rakesh and Kunal went on a road trip to Manali, where they befriended two girls. Both those girls were going to Pune from Delhi airport on SpiceJet flight on Thursday. The friends of the accused said that he wanted to spend more time with the female friend. The accused told that both the friends somehow asked him to delay the flight.


Both friends are out of reach

Police said that after this, the three planned to call the call center of SpiceJet and give false information about the bomb in the flight. By calling, their aim was to cancel the flight (aircraft) service. When he was being called again by Spice Jet after informing about the bomb, he was not answering the call. Police told that Abhinav has been arrested and his friends Rakesh, Kunal are still absconding. He will be arrested soon.

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