Delhi-NCR, along with several other states, is reeling under a severe heatwave. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), there is no respite expected in Delhi for at least the next six days. The intense heat on Wednesday caused the electricity demand in Delhi to break all previous records.


Key Points of the Heatwave Situation

  • Temperature Details: The IMD has reported that Delhi’s maximum temperature will range between 44 to 46 degrees Celsius. Since last Saturday, Delhiites have been battling extreme heat and heatwave conditions. On Wednesday, the intense sunlight and heatwave made it almost unbearable for people to step outside their homes.


  • Temperature Records: At the Safdarjung observatory, the maximum temperature on Wednesday was recorded at 43.4 degrees Celsius, which is three degrees above normal. The minimum temperature was 30.9 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal.


  • No Night Relief: The night temperatures are also high, offering little relief. The minimum temperature at three weather centers in Delhi on Wednesday was recorded above 33 degrees Celsius, causing increased discomfort.


  • Weather Alerts: The IMD has issued an orange alert for heat and heatwave conditions for Thursday, followed by a red alert for the next three days. For Monday and Tuesday, a yellow alert has been issued.


  • Electricity Demand: The electricity demand in Delhi reached a record level of 8,000 MW on Wednesday afternoon at 3:42 PM. For the past five days, the demand has consistently been above 7,000 MW. This is the first time in May that the electricity demand has reached such high levels consistently, a situation occurring after 15 years.

Government and Public Response

Government Measures: The Delhi government has managed to meet the high electricity demand without any power cuts, which Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called a significant achievement for the people of Delhi. In Rajasthan, due to the severe heat, the leaves of the medical and water supply department employees have been canceled, and they have been instructed to stay at their headquarters.

Relief Measures: A woman in Jammu is seen pouring water on a child to provide relief from the extreme heat, highlighting the immediate measures people are taking to cope with the heatwave.

Cyclonic Developments: There is a possibility of rainfall in Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal, and Mizoram due to a cyclone forming in the Bay of Bengal. Additionally, there are chances of rain in the hilly regions.

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