An IndiGo flight from Delhi to Pantnagar faced unexpected challenges due to high winds and was forced to return to its origin on Thursday. The incident highlights the unpredictable nature of flying during adverse weather conditions.

Flight Details and Challenges

Flight number 6E 7324, scheduled to depart from Delhi at 11:06 AM to Pantnagar, encountered severe wind conditions upon its approach.

After circling the Pantnagar runway three times around noon, attempts to land were unsuccessful. Subsequently, the flight was diverted to Moradabad, but it could not land there either and had to return to Delhi.

Passenger Impact

The flight had 65 passengers booked from Delhi to Pantnagar, with 55 passengers scheduled for the return journey. The inability to land and subsequent return would have caused significant inconvenience to these passengers, underscoring the challenges that airlines and travelers face during adverse weather.

Rain and High Wind Today in Delhi Expected.

In the midst of rising temperatures in Delhi, there’s a forecast of potential rain on Friday, accompanied by strong winds. This follows a significant increase in temperatures over the past 24 hours, which saw a rise of four degrees.

After experiencing light drizzles with gusty winds on Wednesday night, Delhi’s maximum temperature reached 39.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday, which is higher than usual.

The minimum temperature recorded was 20.9 degrees Celsius, slightly below normal. The weather department also hints at a drop in temperature by two to three degrees due to the anticipated rains and wind speeds might range between 20 to 30 kilometers per hour.

Light rain might continue into Monday. Additionally, in response to the heat, the Directorate of Education has issued guidelines to schools, advising them to avoid afternoon outdoor assemblies and take other protective measures against the heat.

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