As Delhi enters the peak of summer, the city is set to experience an unprecedented rise in temperature. Starting Friday, the maximum temperature is forecasted to approach 44 degrees Celsius, with further escalation to 45 degrees Celsius expected by Saturday. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a Yellow Alert (Heat Wave) for Saturday, warning residents of severe heat conditions.

Current Weather Conditions

On Wednesday, Delhi’s temperature was recorded at 41.2 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal, while the minimum temperature was 22.9 degrees Celsius, three degrees below average. Humidity levels ranged from 69% to 17%. Najafgarh emerged as the hottest area in the city, with a maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius.

Forecast for the Week

According to the IMD, starting Friday, the city’s maximum temperature is expected to exceed 44 degrees Celsius, with the minimum temperature hovering around 25 degrees Celsius. Saturday will bring harsher conditions, with hot winds blowing at speeds of 25-35 km/h, intensifying the heatwave.

The temperature is anticipated to hit 45 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 25 degrees Celsius. The extreme heat is expected to persist, keeping maximum temperatures in the 43-45 degrees Celsius range over the next five days.

Afternoon Heat Challenges

The IMD predicts clear skies for Thursday, with bright sunshine throughout the day. The maximum temperature will be around 42 degrees Celsius, and the minimum will be approximately 24 degrees Celsius. The intense midday heat will pose significant challenges for residents in the coming days.

The weather department indicates no signs of relief from the scorching heat this week. Persistent heatwave conditions with wind speeds of 30-35 km/h will exacerbate the difficulties faced by the people of Delhi.

Areas Recording High Temperatures

Several areas in Delhi have reported exceptionally high temperatures:

  • Palam: 42.0 degrees Celsius
  • Ridge: 42.4 degrees Celsius
  • Ayanagar: 42.3 degrees Celsius
  • Jafarpur: 42.6 degrees Celsius
  • Mungeshpur: 43.5 degrees Celsius
  • Pitampura: 42.8 degrees Celsius
  • Pusa: 42.9 degrees Celsius

Key Insights:

  1. Heatwave Alert: The IMD has issued a Yellow Alert for Saturday, indicating severe heat conditions with temperatures expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius.
  2. Unrelenting Heat: The maximum temperature will consistently range between 43-45 degrees Celsius over the next five days, with no immediate relief in sight.
  3. Hot Winds: Expect hot winds blowing at 25-35 km/h, contributing to the intensity of the heatwave.
  4. Severe Midday Conditions: Residents should prepare for extreme heat during midday, which will be particularly challenging.
  5. Area-Specific Highs: Some areas, such as Najafgarh and Mungeshpur, are experiencing temperatures close to or exceeding 43 degrees Celsius, highlighting the severity of the heat in specific locations.

Delhi residents are advised to take necessary precautions to stay hydrated and avoid exposure to the intense midday sun as the city braces for one of its hottest spells this summer.

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