New Delhi is braced for an upcoming weather shift as a Western Disturbance is expected to impact the region within the next two days, bringing with it the possibility of rainfall across the National Capital Region (NCR).

The capital experienced dense fog on Friday morning, reducing visibility levels to zero at the Palam weather station, significantly affecting over 180 flights and more than 100 trains. Relief from the fog was only seen after 8 AM.


Key Points Of This Weather Alert.


  • Impact of Western Disturbance: The influence of another Western Disturbance is anticipated in Delhi, promising rainfall that may drench the city and its surrounding areas. The maximum impact of this weather phenomenon is expected to be observed at Delhi’s standard observatory, Safdarjung, on Friday.


  • Visibility and Disruptions: The dense fog that enveloped the capital on Friday morning led to considerable disruptions, impacting the schedules of over 180 flights and 100 trains, demonstrating the immediate effects of reduced visibility.


  • Weather Forecasts: According to the meteorological department, the Western Disturbance is likely to cause light rainfall in Delhi-NCR on Saturday and Sunday, offering a brief respite from the prevailing conditions.


  • Air Quality Concerns: Alongside the anticipation of rain, Delhi’s air quality has once again deteriorated, falling into the ‘poor’ category. The temperatures recorded were a maximum of 18.5 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 7 degrees Celsius.


The expected rainfall in the NCR due to the Western Disturbance could provide a much-needed break from the recent spell of dense fog and poor air quality. Residents and commuters are advised to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and plan their activities accordingly to mitigate the impact of these conditions.

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