In Tripura, the government has instituted fuel purchase limits for vehicles due to disruptions in freight services caused by a landslide in Assam. Here are the key details:

Fuel Purchase Limits:

  • Two-wheelers: Limited to purchasing fuel worth INR 200 daily.
  • Four-wheelers: Can purchase up to INR 500 worth of fuel daily.
  • Buses: Allowed to buy 60 liters of diesel per day.
  • Mini-buses and Three-wheelers: Limit set at 40 liters and 15 liters of diesel per day, respectively.


The landslide at Jatinga in Assam has severely affected the arrival of freight trains to Tripura, leading to a shortfall in fuel supplies. Although passenger train services were restored on April 26, night-time train services through Jatinga remain suspended.

Government Response:

Nirmal Adhikari, Additional Secretary of the Food and Civil Supplies Department, announced the restrictions due to the ongoing fuel supply issues. These measures are in place from May 1 until further orders to manage the fuel shortage effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tripura is facing a fuel shortage due to disrupted train services.
  • The state has set daily fuel purchase limits for various vehicles to manage the shortage.
  • Restrictions are temporary and subject to review as the situation develops

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