The MG Gloster has emerged as a strong contender in the Indian SUV market, challenging the dominance of the Toyota Fortuner. With its blend of luxury, advanced features, and competitive pricing, the MG Gloster offers an attractive alternative to those considering a premium SUV. Here’s a detailed look at what makes the MG Gloster a compelling choice for Indian buyers.


  • Manufacturer: MG (Morris Garages) Motors
  • Launch Year: 2020
  • Price Range: ₹32.60 – ₹40.60 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Variants: Super, Smart, Sharp, and Savvy


Design and Build

The MG Gloster boasts a bold and imposing design, featuring a massive front grille with chrome accents, sleek LED headlamps, and a muscular stance. The SUV’s large dimensions and robust build give it a commanding road presence, comparable to the Fortuner.

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 4985 mm
    • Width: 1926 mm
    • Height: 1867 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2950 mm


Performance and Engine

The MG Gloster is powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine, delivering impressive performance figures:

  • Power: 218 PS @ 4000 rpm
  • Torque: 480 Nm @ 1500-2400 rpm
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic


The Gloster also offers a 4×4 drivetrain with multiple terrain modes, including Rock, Sand, Mud, and Snow, making it a capable off-roader.

Interior and Comfort

The MG Gloster’s interior exudes luxury, with high-quality materials, spacious seating, and advanced features. It offers a comfortable and premium cabin experience, with plenty of legroom and headroom for all passengers.

  • Seating Capacity: 6-seater and 7-seater options
  • Upholstery: Premium leather
  • Key Features:
    • 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    • 12-speaker sound system
    • Panoramic sunroof
    • Ambient lighting
    • Ventilated and massaging front seats
    • Tri-zone automatic climate control


Safety and Technology

Safety is a top priority for the MG Gloster, which comes equipped with an array of advanced safety features:

  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems):
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Automatic Emergency Braking
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Forward Collision Warning
    • Blind Spot Detection
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert


  • Additional Safety Features:
    • 6 airbags (up to 7 in higher variants)
    • ABS with EBD
    • Traction Control System
    • Hill Hold Control
    • Hill Descent Control
    • 360-degree camera

Pricing and Value

One of the standout aspects of the MG Gloster is its pricing, which makes it a more affordable alternative to the Toyota Fortuner without compromising on features or performance.

  • MG Gloster Price Range: ₹32.60 – ₹40.60 Lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Toyota Fortuner Price Range: ₹34.58 – ₹50.34 Lakhs (ex-showroom)

The competitive pricing of the Gloster, combined with its feature-rich offerings, positions it as a value-for-money proposition in the premium SUV segment.

Comparison with Toyota Fortuner

While the Toyota Fortuner has long been the benchmark in the premium SUV market, the MG Gloster offers several advantages:

  • Features: The Gloster is packed with advanced features and luxury amenities that often come as optional in the Fortuner.
  • Space and Comfort: The Gloster’s larger dimensions and thoughtful interior design provide more space and comfort, especially in the third row.


  • Advanced Safety: The inclusion of ADAS and other advanced safety features gives the Gloster an edge in terms of safety technology.
  • Pricing: The Gloster’s competitive pricing makes it a more affordable option, offering similar or superior features at a lower cost.


The MG Gloster is a formidable alternative to the Toyota Fortuner, offering a blend of luxury, advanced technology, and competitive pricing. It provides a compelling option for buyers looking for a premium SUV that doesn’t compromise on features, comfort, or safety.

For those considering a high-end SUV in India, the MG Gloster deserves serious consideration. Its combination of affordability, performance, and premium features makes it a standout choice in the market.

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