NEW DELHI: A 10-year-old child flying from Delhi to Frankfurt last week sustained burn injuries when hot beverage spilled on her on a Vistara flight. While the child’s family has accused the airline of handling the issue “poorly” and that “the crew did not apologize,” Vistara says the airline and the crew followed all norms.

★The child’s mother, Rachna Gupta, tweeted about the incident, stating that the Vistara air hostess caused second-degree burns to her 10-year-old daughter. She also mentioned that the crew members did not apologize and that they were left in an ambulance in an unfamiliar environment in Germany.
★A spokesperson from Vistara stated that the incident occurred when the child was playful during the hot beverage service. The crew immediately provided first-aid and sought support from a paramedic onboard. Upon landing, an ambulance was arranged for the child and her mother, and they were sent to the hospital.
★However, the mother claims that they had to arrange their own transportation and that Vistara has refused to help them return to India. She also mentioned that they have not received any calls from the airline to check on their well-being.
★The airline spokesperson assured that all medical expenses arising from the incident will be reimbursed and that they are in constant communication with the customer to provide further assistance. They also stated that they are reviewing and refining their processes to avoid such situations in the future.

In summary, a 10-year-old child sustained burn injuries when hot beverage spilled on her during a Vistara flight. The child’s family accuses the airline of poor handling and lack of apology, while Vistara claims that they followed all protocols. The airline has assured to reimburse the medical expenses and is providing ongoing support to the family. They are also reviewing their procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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