PM Modi’s Statement on Liquor Scam is Fake: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Friday that Prime Minister Modi has finally accepted that the so-called liquor scam is completely fake and that ED and CBI do not have any evidence. In response, BJP’s national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi called Kejriwal the “playback singer” of the liquor scam, comparing him to a thief.

Trivedi’s Allegations Against Kejriwal

Sudhanshu Trivedi, speaking to the news agency, accused Kejriwal of being the only Chief Minister in India’s history to have gone to jail and not resigning even after release. Trivedi claimed that Kejriwal is making misleading publicity about his case and accused him of corruption.

Trail of Money Allegations

Trivedi pointed out that there is a trail of money leading to Kejriwal benefiting from his policies, which has been accepted by various courts. He also criticized Kejriwal for accepting suggestions without legal process and highlighted the recent case involving Manish Sisodia.

PM Modi’s Comments

Trivedi defended PM Modi’s statement calling Kejriwal an experienced thief, claiming that the Prime Minister was not wrong in his assessment. He accused Kejriwal of being a mastermind behind the corruption and scam cases, likening him to a playback singer in films.

Kejriwal’s Response

Kejriwal, on the other hand, accused PM Modi of lacking evidence in the liquor scam and criticized the CBI and ED for their inefficiency. He dismissed the allegations against him as an attempt to divert attention from the lack of evidence in the case.


  • Arvind Kejriwal claims PM Modi has accepted the liquor scam is fake.
  • Sudhanshu Trivedi accuses Kejriwal of corruption and misleading publicity.
  • Trivedi alleges a trail of money leading to Kejriwal’s benefit from policies.
  • PM Modi’s comments on Kejriwal being called an experienced thief defended by Trivedi.
  • Kejriwal criticizes PM Modi for lack of evidence in the liquor scam.

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