The Delhi Traffic Police and the Transport Department have issued challans to more than two thousand vehicles in four days. Due to increasing air pollution, the third phase of GRAP was implemented from December 4, due to which construction work, mining, demolition, BS-3 petrol, BS-4 diesel vehicles were banned.


BAN Lifted now

On December 7, the restrictions imposed in the grade-three stage were lifted after the air quality improved. Between December 4 and 7, the traffic police issued two thousand challans for BS-3 petrol and BS-4 diesel vehicles.


Fines, Challans and Scraping going on

The Transport Department had issued two challans to BS-III petrol vehicles, while the traffic police had issued 444 challans. At the same time, 143 challans were issued by the Transport Department and 1412 by the Traffic Police for BS-4 diesel vehicles. A total of 2008 vehicles were challaned in Delhi. Department says that every possible place will have checking to avoid traffic related issues and pollution.

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