Last month, after the Hindenburg report, a sharp sell-off was seen in the shares of the troubled Adani Group. However, in the meantime, one name was in the news, and that name was that of veteran investor Rajeev Jain. Ever since he entered the Adani Group, investors’ interest in the group’s shares has increased once again. Rajeev Jain, who became Gautam Adani’s troubleshooter under challenging times, has joined the world’s rich today. He has got a place on the Forbes list for the first time. Rajeev Jain has been included in the list of new Billionaires. Rajeev Jain’s company has invested in Adani’s companies.

Let us tell you that after the Hindenburg report last month, Gautam Adani’s difficulties suddenly increased. After the information, the company suffered huge losses; the share prices fell by more than 85 percent. The company’s market cap fell to $ 147 billion. At the same time, investors were losing faith in Adani’s companies, at that time, a helping hand came forward, that of Rajiv Jain.

Rajeev Jain is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of GQG Partners. He prepares the investment strategy for GQG. Before GQG, he also served as the Chief Investment Officer of VonTobel Asset Management. He started working in the year 1994 as a portfolio. Under his leadership, GQG has become a $92 billion powerhouse in the investment sector. In March 2023, Rajiv Jain showed confidence by investing Rs 15446 crore in the companies of the Adani Group.

100% return expected

He invested in Adani Ports, Adani Green Energy, Adani Transmission, and Adani Enterprises. This investment had done Sanjivani for Adani. After this investment, the rest of the investors also increased their trust in the Adani Group. Regarding this investment, Rajiv Jain had said that the Adani shares in which he invested money would be multi-bagger. He said that from that investment, he is confident of getting a 100% return in 5 years.

Entry found in the list of the world’s nobles

Many such names in the Forbes Billionaire list have become billionaires for the first time. That is, his wealth has increased to 100 million dollars or more. According to Forbes, the current assets of Rajiv Jain are $200 million i.e., Rs 1,64,10,70,00,000. He has joined the Forbes Billionaire list for the first time.