New Delhi :- The cost of petrol has increased significantly in the country. This is the reason why more and more people are turning to electric vehicles. Recently, especially in the market, the demand for electric scooters has increased rapidly. Let us tell you that every day a new Electric Scooter keeps coming. In such a situation, today we will tell you about the Lohia Oma Star electric scooter.

Lohia Oma Star is in the budget segment.

The company making this Electric Scooter has segmented the budget according to the needs of the customers. It has a strong battery pack. Which can provide more mileage. It is loaded with advanced features and has a great range. If you are eager to buy this electric scooter of the company, then in this report you will get the details of its features, specifications and price.

Lohia Oma Star Battery

The Lohia Oma Star Electric Scooter is powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack with a capacity of 20Ah. Which comes with an electric motor with a power of 250 watts. The company told that the battery pack installed in it gets fully charged in 3 hours. When you charge this electric scooter once, it can run up to 60 kilometers. Wherein its speed can be 25 km/h.

On road price Rs 55,055

Combi braking system has been installed in this scooter. With this you get drum brake combination on both the wheels. Talking about the features, the company has included digital instrument console, halogen headlight, low battery indicator and pass switch in this Electric Scooter. The price of this electric scooter is Rs 51,750. From which on-road Rs 55,055 is available.

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