The trend of digital payment is increasing rapidly all over the world. People use different types of debit cards and credit cards. Although the use of ATM or credit card has decreased in the last few days, because UPI has changed the whole game. Still ATM and credit card are used. While shopping online, offers available on debit or credit cards are not available on other forms of payments.

This is the reason why debit cards are issued to the customers as soon as the bank account is opened. If the customer has a good CIBIL score, then he is also offered a credit card by the bank. Credit cards also now have many variants, out of which you can choose according to your wish. Although most people do not pay attention to this while taking the card, but it is very important. So whenever you get a card offer in future, you will see which card it is. Is it platinum or titanium or gold or classic. But what is the difference between them.. let’s know-

Different types of Visa Card
Visa is the largest payment network in the world. It issues a variety of cards in partnership with banks.

  • Classic Card- This is a very basic card. All kinds of customer services will be available on this card worldwide. Apart from this, you will be able to get this card replaced at any time.
  • Gold Card- If you have a Gold Visa Card, then you get the benefit of Travel Assistance, Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services. This card is accepted worldwide. This card is connected to the global network. You can get many types of discounts by swiping this card at retail, dining and entertainment outlets.
  • Platinum Card-  This card gives you facilities ranging from cash disbursement to global ATM network. Apart from this, medical and legal referral and assistance is available. Using this card, you can get hundreds of deals, discount offers and other facilities.
  • Titanium Card-  The credit limit in Titanium Card is higher than that of Platinum Card. It is generally given to people with good credit history and high income.
  • Signature Card- Many other services are available in Signature Card including airport lounge access.

There are three types of MasterCard 
payment network: Three types of debit cards of MasterCard are very popular. Whose names are Standard Debit Card, Enhanced Debit Card and World Debit MasterCard. Whenever you go to open an account, you get a standard debit card issue from the bank.

There are three types of RuPay Card:
Indigenous payment network RuPay Card also issues 3 types of debit and credit cards to the customers. These include Classic, Platinum and Select Card.