Toll Tax: Smooth Flow of Traffic at Toll Plazas

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has recently implemented measures to ensure a smooth flow of toll tax at toll plazas. Despite these efforts, long queues are still a common sight at these plazas. Many people attempt to pass through toll plazas without paying, often making various excuses. However, NHAI has clarified that there are five categories of vehicles that are exempt from paying toll tax.

Exempted Vehicles

  • Emergency services vehicles such as fire brigades, ambulances, and police vehicles are exempted from paying toll tax in case of an emergency.
  • Defense vehicles serving under the Army, Navy, or Air Force are also exempted from toll tax.
  • VIP vehicles carrying foreign dignitaries, ranging from the President and Prime Minister to high court judges and state visits, are exempted.
  • Public transport vehicles and two-wheelers operated by the state government, except for certain National Highway plazas, are also exempted from toll tax.

While there are circumstances where exemption can be granted, it’s important to note that no private vehicles have been granted tax exemption. Additionally, NHAI has introduced new guidelines stating that vehicles should not be made to wait in queues longer than 100 meters at toll plazas. Each vehicle should ideally take only 10 seconds at the toll plaza. If the queue exceeds the 100-meter limit, toll booth employees must allow the vehicle to pass for free until it reaches within 100 meters of the queue. This limit is marked by a yellow line on each toll lane to ensure its visibility.

These measures have been implemented to promote accountability among toll plaza operators and to alleviate congestion at toll plazas. NHAI is continuously working towards improving the efficiency of toll tax collection and ensuring a hassle-free experience for commuters.

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