As time progresses, technological advancements are being witnessed in various sectors, including the automotive industry. One such change introduced a few years ago is the Automatic Headlight ON (AHO) feature in two-wheelers. This article delves into the reason behind this innovation.

Reason for AHO


The AHO feature was mandated by the Union Transport Ministry on 1 April 2017 to address the issue of increasing road accidents due to low visibility. Small vehicles, like two-wheelers, often go unnoticed on the roads, especially during bad weather or fog. By keeping the headlight always on, the visibility of these vehicles is enhanced, reducing the risk of accidents.

Myth Busting


There have been concerns raised about the impact of AHO on battery life and mileage. However, experts have clarified that this feature does not pose any problems in these aspects. Contrary to popular belief, the AHO feature does not affect the battery or the mileage of the two-wheeler.

News Summary


  • The Automatic Headlight ON (AHO) feature was introduced in two-wheelers to enhance visibility and reduce road accidents.


  • Experts have debunked the myth that AHO affects battery life and mileage, assuring that this feature is beneficial without any negative impacts.

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