Maruti Suzuki is gearing up to launch the next-generation Swift in India next month, following its international availability. This popular hatchback has recently demonstrated impressive safety capabilities in the Japan NCAP crash tests, earning a commendable 4-star rating.

Performance in Crash Tests

The all-new Swift underwent rigorous testing, including video coverage shared by the Cruise Control YouTube channel. These tests showcased not only the crash test scenarios but also the efficiency of the Swift’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) equipped in the Japanese model. Here’s how the Swift performed:



  • Frontal Collisions: Conducted at speeds of 55 km/h and 64 km/h for frontal and front-side impacts, respectively.
  • Side Impact Test: Evaluated at the end of the session, showing significant durability with airbag deployment ensuring additional safety.


  • ADAS Functionality: The vehicle successfully demonstrated capabilities such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and rear collision alert. These systems were effective even in challenging conditions, such as detecting cyclists and pedestrians during day and night, and functioning accurately when the driver’s vision was compromised by high beams from oncoming traffic.


J-NCAP Crash Test Scores

The detailed scores from the Japan NCAP highlight the Swift’s robust safety profile:

  • Autonomous Driver Assistance Features: Achieved a 5-star rating.
  • Frontal and Side Collision Tests: Received a 4-star rating.
  • Passenger Safety: Tests like the passenger seat belt reminder also scored 4 stars.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Excellent performance in pedestrian leg protection, scoring 5 points.


The overall score for the new Swift was 4 stars, tallying 117.80 out of 197 points, showcasing the significant improvements Suzuki has made in vehicle safety.

Features and Expectations for the Indian Market

While the new Swift will maintain the same exterior design as its international counterpart, it is expected to lack some features such as ADAS when introduced in India. The interior design will also mirror the international model, providing a consistent global feel.

Engine and Transmission

  • Engine: Powered by a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine, possibly integrated with mild hybrid technology for enhanced efficiency and performance.
  • Transmission Options: Available with 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox options. Maruti may also introduce a series hybrid technology in future models, starting with the Maruti Fronx.


Launch and Bookings

With some Maruti dealerships already accepting unofficial bookings, anticipation for the new Swift is high. The vehicle’s launch next month is eagerly awaited by fans and prospective buyers looking for a blend of performance, efficiency, and enhanced safety in a compact city car.

The new generation of Maruti Suzuki Swift is set to make a significant impact on the Indian auto market, continuing the legacy of one of the most popular hatchbacks with modern updates and improved safety standards.

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