If you’re planning to purchase a new SUV in the near future, this news is especially relevant for you. The demand for compact SUVs among Indian consumers has been rapidly increasing over the past few years.

Popular models such as the Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, and Kia Seltos have registered robust sales. In March 2024, the Hyundai Creta became the second highest-selling car in the country.

Observing this trend, companies like Skoda and Kia are set to launch two new compact SUVs in the coming years. Here’s a detailed look at both upcoming compact SUVs:

Skoda’s New Compact SUV

Skoda is poised to make a significant impact in the compact SUV segment with a new model expected to launch in March 2025. This upcoming SUV has been frequently spotted during road tests in India.

It is speculated to be equipped with a 1.0-liter TSI engine capable of delivering 115bhp and a peak torque of 178Nm. However, Skoda has not yet released an official statement regarding the launch date.

Kia Calvis

Kia India is gearing up to introduce its new compact SUV, the Kia Calvis, at the beginning of 2025. Positioned between the Sonet and the Seltos in terms of pricing, the Kia Calvis will offer both electric and petrol powertrains, catering to a wide range of customer preferences.

Details about the official launch date are still awaited, as the company has not made any formal announcements yet.

Market Trends and Consumer Enthusiasm

The enthusiasm for purchasing SUVs continues to grow, with models like the Hyundai Creta leading the pack in sales. As more consumers opt for vehicles that combine the comfort of larger vehicles with the agility of smaller models, the compact SUV market segment is expected to expand even further.

These forthcoming models from Skoda and Kia are eagerly anticipated in the market, promising to offer a blend of innovation, efficiency, and style. Potential buyers should stay tuned for more updates as these models progress towards their official launches.

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