Following a recent tiger attack resulting in the tragic death of a woman in Nainital, the administration has sprung into action. District Magistrate Vandana Singh has issued directives to forest officials to promptly capture the rogue tiger. As a precautionary measure, schools in the area have been instructed to remain closed, and police assistance has been sought.


🚸 School Closure:

  • District Magistrate Vandana Singh has ordered the closure of schools in the region due to the presence of the aggressive tiger.
  • The decision aims to ensure the safety of students and prevent any potential confrontations with the wild animal.


🌳 Forest Safety Measures:

  • Continuous patrolling is being carried out by the forest department to monitor the tiger’s presence.
  • Trapping cages have been deployed to capture the tiger, and additional teams, including the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and police personnel, are actively involved in the operation.


👥 Community Safety Appeal:

  • The forest officials are urging people to avoid venturing into the jungles during this season when wildlife encounters are more likely.
  • In case of any urgency, authorities assure that captured animals will be relocated to other forest areas.


The administration is taking concerted efforts to address the situation and ensure the safety of both residents and wildlife in the region.

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