Since the time of electric vehicle work, many concepts have been developed by companies, research agencies, and individuals. Recently, a person from Roorkee has made an amazing innovation in the form of an Electra bike that can run up to 60 kilometers on just ₹5 of electricity.

Details of the Innovation


The young man from Roorkee has introduced an Electra bike named Missile, which runs on electricity and can cover 60 kilometers on a single charge. The cost of running this bike is only ₹5, making it an efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation.

Creator’s Statement


The creator of the Electra bike, Aamir Malik, mentioned that the rising prices of petrol inspired him to innovate this e-bike. It took him 2 months to build the bike, which is now ready to hit the roads.

Impact on the Market


With the introduction of more electric vehicles in the market, people are looking for alternatives to expensive petrol. Aamir’s Electra bike offers a ray of hope during the ongoing inflation and provides a cost-effective solution for commuting.

  • A person from Roorkee has developed an innovative Electra bike that can run 60 kilometers on just ₹5 of electricity.

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