In New Delhi, the Dynamo Electric Scooter is capturing the attention of eco-conscious consumers. With the escalating fuel prices pushing customers toward electric alternatives, this scooter emerges as a budget-friendly solution, especially designed for the economically disadvantaged segment, yet offering a substantial range of 150 kilometers on a single charge.


Cost-Effective Electric Mobility

The Dynamo Electric Scooter is a boon for those seeking affordable electric mobility solutions. It stands out as an ideal choice for individuals prioritizing economy without compromising on the utility and efficiency of their ride.

Remarkably, this scooter doesn’t require a license or registration, making it accessible to a wider audience, including teenagers and the elderly.

Key Features:

  • Extended Range: Despite its low cost, the scooter promises an impressive range of up to 150 kilometers, catering well to daily commuting needs.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: It is equipped with a robust Lithium-ion battery, ensuring longevity and consistent performance, with three adaptable riding modes to suit different riding preferences.


  • Eco-Friendly Speed: With a top speed of 25 km/h, it is particularly suited for city commuting, ensuring safety for younger riders or elderly family members.
  • Quick Charging: The battery boasts a 60V/24Ah capacity, fully charging within just 3 hours, showcasing efficient energy use and minimal downtime.


Practicality Meets Innovation

Despite its economical pricing, the scooter doesn’t skimp on modern features. It includes an electronic brake system, an anti-theft alarm, a USB charging port, and an all-LED headlight, enhancing the overall value proposition. The scooter comes with a 3-year warranty, adding a layer of trust and reliability for the consumers.



Priced attractively at just ₹49,000, this electric scooter is a cost-effective solution for those looking to switch to electric vehicles without breaking the bank. It’s available for purchase on their official website, offering convenience and accessibility to prospective buyers.


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