In a new initiative to enhance passenger convenience, Indian Railways has introduced affordable food counters on platforms, primarily for general coach travelers. This service aims to provide quick and budget-friendly meal options to accommodate the needs of passengers during brief train stops.


Key Offerings

  • Puri-Sabzi for Rs 20: Passengers can now enjoy a simple meal of puri-sabzi for just Rs 20.
  • Affordable Meal Packets for Rs 50: A more substantial meal option is available for Rs 50, catering to those looking for a hearty meal during their journey.
  • Location and Availability: Approximately 150 food counters have been set up across 100 stations, ensuring wide accessibility to these meals.


Challenges Addressed

  • Quick Access: Recognizing the challenge passengers face in accessing meals during short stops, these counters provide a quick and efficient solution.
  • Hydration: Prior initiatives have ensured that drinking water is available to general coach passengers, and this service extends the convenience to include meals.


This initiative by the Indian Railways marks a significant step towards improving the travel experience for millions of general coach passengers, offering them quick, affordable, and accessible dining options right on the platform. As the service rolls out, it is expected to be a welcome relief for travelers looking for budget-friendly meal choices during their journeys.

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