This election season, Delhi is taking big steps to fight money laundering! The Election Commission has formed a super team combining the Income Tax Department, GST Department, and Custom Department to track suspicious financial activity. ️‍

Here’s how they’re tackling the problem:

  • Following the money trail: The Income Tax Department is watching bank transactions closely, looking for any red flags. They’re also gathering intel to stay one step ahead.


  • Eye on purchases: The GST Department is keeping a watchful eye on all sales and purchases, especially clothing bills. You know, those free t-shirts during campaigns?
  • Airport watchdogs: The Custom Department is on high alert at airports, working closely with the Income Tax Department. ✈️


What to look out for:

  • Businesses placing unusually large orders might get a knock on the door.
  • Income Tax Department teams are on 24/7 standby to investigate any suspicious activity.
  • Finding a big pile of cash (over Rs 10 lakh)? Report it immediately!


The power is in your hands!

Citizens play a crucial role in keeping elections fair. If you see something suspicious, report it! Call the Election Commission’s helpline number at 1800-11-2828 and help make this election season clean.

Let’s make these elections a true reflection of the people’s voice! ️

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