Bajaj Motor Company Expanding Pulsar Series with New Model: Bajaj Pulsar P 170

Bajaj Motor Company, a renowned motorcycle manufacturer, is known for its popular Pulsar series. Recently, they launched a new addition to the series, the Pulsar 160, which received positive reviews from bike enthusiasts. Now, the company is working on yet another model, possibly named Bajaj Pulsar P 170, which is expected to offer advanced features and differentiate itself from other bikes in the series.

Although no official statement has been released by the company regarding this new bike, information about it has surfaced through media reports and sources. According to these reports, the Bajaj Pulsar P 170 may come equipped with a 169.5 cc air-cooled engine, providing a powerful and thrilling riding experience. Additionally, it is rumored that the bike will have a 6-speed gearbox and three riding modes, allowing riders to customize their experience based on their preferences and road conditions.

One exciting feature that enthusiasts are looking forward to is the possible inclusion of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for both the front and rear brakes. This safety feature ensures better control and stability, especially during emergency braking situations. With this addition, Bajaj aims to enhance the overall safety of the riders.

In terms of fuel efficiency, Bajaj bikes are not typically known for being the most economical option. However, there are indications that the Pulsar P 170 may surprise customers in this aspect. It is estimated that the bike may provide a mileage of around 40-45 kmpl, making it more fuel-efficient compared to its predecessors.

When it comes to the fuel tank capacity, the Pulsar P 170 is expected to have approximately 15 liters, allowing riders to cover longer distances without frequent refueling stops. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy long rides or commuting on a daily basis.

Bajaj is also planning to launch the bike in multiple variants to cater to different customer preferences. It is speculated that there may be 10 different variants, with prices ranging from around INR 95,000 to INR 1.30 lakh. This wide range of options ensures that customers can choose a variant that suits their budget and requirements.

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