Hello friends, in today’s article we will discuss with you about how electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and the cost of replacing their batteries. While new models are being launched regularly, we will focus on the warranty guarantee and cost of battery replacement for Ola, Ather, and TVS electric vehicles.


Ola S1 Pro is considered one of the top electric vehicles in the market. By paying an additional amount, you can extend the battery warranty of the Ola S1 Pro up to 5 years. The company provides a standard warranty of 3 years, and you can choose to extend it based on the battery pack’s condition. Typically, the battery of an electric vehicle can last for 7 years. The Ola S1 Pro uses a 4 kilowatt battery pack and is priced at Rs. 87,000.


Ather 450X is another popular electric vehicle that offers the option to extend the battery warranty for up to 5 years or 60,000 kilometers. Ather ensures the durability of its battery pack compared to other electric vehicles. The Ather 450X is priced at Rs. 62,000.


TVS iQube is a high-performance electric vehicle that has gained significant popularity in the market. It offers advanced features and has received a rating of 3.4%. The battery pack used in the TVS iQube has a warranty of 3 years and 50,000 kilometers. The price of the TVS iQube ranges from Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 70,000.



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