The proposed Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Region (New Noida) is set to benefit from a comprehensive rail network extending from Dadri to Khurja. The development plan includes an orbital rail project akin to a ring road that will circle Delhi, stretching from Palwal to Sonipat.

This network will encompass areas such as the Yamuna Authority sector, New Noida, Greater Noida Phase-2, and the Dadri area, with an orbital rail stretch of 4.8 kilometers within New Noida and approximately 22 kilometers near Greater Noida.

Project Details and Connectivity Enhancements:

  • The orbital rail network will connect to the Noida International Airport via a rail line extending from Chola to Rundhi, enhancing airport accessibility. Additionally, the network will link with the Dankaur railway station and include connectivity to the dedicated freight corridor at New Bodaki in Dadri.


  • The total length of the rail network is projected to be about 135 kilometers, with 45 kilometers in Haryana and 90 kilometers in Uttar Pradesh.


Recent Developments and Planning Efforts:

  • The detailed feasibility and potential of this extensive rail network were highlighted in a recent meeting held by the NCR Planning Board, chaired by the Commissioner of Meerut. The meeting focused on finalizing the rules and conditions necessary for preparing the project’s feasibility report.


  • Discussions centered around enhancing connectivity for the NCR and neighboring cities through this network. Haryana has already initiated preparations for the orbital rail network and presented a feasibility study proposal to the Uttar Pradesh government on March 7th, with further plans underway for development and approval.

Approval of New Noida Master Plan:

  • The draft of the New Noida Master Plan-2041 has been approved by the authority’s board and is currently under review by the government. This plan spans approximately 20,000 hectares and allocates 41 percent of the land for industrial use, 11.5 percent for residential purposes, 17 percent as green belts and recreational areas, 15.5 percent for roads, 9 percent for institutional use, and 4.5 percent for commercial activities.


  • The plan also includes provisions for the expenditure involved in land acquisition and various other development models which are yet to be finalized, pending government approval.


This ambitious infrastructure project not only aims to improve regional connectivity but also seeks to enhance the economic and industrial landscape of the area. Work is expected to commence following governmental approval, promising significant improvements and opportunities for the region

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