The Noida International Airport, a significant development in Greater Noida, is reaching a pivotal phase in its construction, marking a significant milestone in the aviation sector. With the completion of its first runway, the airport is poised for its trial flights scheduled for June, indicating a leap towards operational readiness and enhancing the region’s connectivity.

Completion of the First Runway

The airport’s first runway, spanning 3900 meters, is now fully constructed and outfitted with necessary aviation lights and equipment, laying the groundwork for upcoming trial flights. This development is a testament to the rapid progress in the airport’s construction, with the first phase reported to be 80% complete, as presented by the Yamuna Development Authority in Lucknow recently.

Trial Flights: A Prelude to Full-Scale Operations

June is set to witness the airport’s trial flights, a crucial step in testing the runway’s capabilities and overall airport functionality. There’s a high probability that Boeing aircraft will grace the runway during these trials, symbolizing the airport’s readiness to accommodate large commercial aircraft. This phase is crucial for ensuring all operational logistics and safety protocols are meticulously adhered to, paving the way for subsequent full-scale operations.

Operational Outlook and Future Prospects

Post the successful completion of trial runs, the Noida International Airport is expected to commence regular operations from September. Initially, it is anticipated that the airport will handle around 50 flights daily, which signifies a substantial boost in air traffic capacity and a boon for regional connectivity. This expansion is eagerly awaited, promising enhanced travel convenience and economic growth for the surrounding areas.


  • Milestone Achievement: Noida International Airport has completed its first 3900-meter runway, ready for trial flights in June.
  • Preparatory Phase: The airport is at an advanced stage, with 80% of the construction of the first phase finished, gearing up for the upcoming trial flights involving Boeing aircraft.
  • Operational Commencement: The airport is slated to begin regular flight operations from September, with the capacity to manage approximately 50 flights daily in its initial phase.
  • Strategic Development: The completion of the runway and the initiation of trial flights represent critical steps towards the airport becoming fully operational, offering significant implications for regional connectivity and economic development.

The anticipation for the Noida International Airport’s inauguration is mounting, promising to be a cornerstone for aviation in Northern India, enhancing the travel landscape and providing a significant impetus to the region’s economic and infrastructural growth. Speaker

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