As the summer heat intensifies, the usually awaited holiday season becomes a little more daunting, especially at railway stations. However, this summer, the Indian Railways has taken a novel initiative to mitigate these discomforts through special summer camps at select stations in Delhi.

Innovative Relief at Anand Vihar and New Delhi Railway Stations

In a refreshing turn of events, the scorching summer has brought with it an innovative solution for travelers at two key railway hubs in the capital – Anand Vihar and New Delhi Railway Stations.

The stations, often thronged with passengers looking forward to their summer travels, are now hosting special summer camps that aim to alleviate the discomforts typically associated with peak travel season.

The camps, a first of their kind, are equipped to cater to both passengers with reserved tickets and those purchasing general tickets.

Facilities include ample seating, cooling systems like fans and coolers, and charging points for mobile devices, ensuring that passengers can wait in comfort. Additionally, food stalls have been set up to offer refreshments and meals, making the wait more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

Positive Feedback from Commuters

Travelers have expressed significant relief and satisfaction with the introduction of these camps. Saket, a passenger traveling from Delhi to Rewa, shared with the Media, “The summer camp has been a blessing. Previously, finding a place to sit or even getting a ticket during the summer was a hassle. Now, all facilities are readily available, and it makes the journey much less stressful.”

Another passenger, Shahnawaz, who is traveling to Muzaffarpur with his family, mentioned, “Our train to Muzaffarpur is quite delayed, but staying in the camp with access to fans and coolers has made the wait bearable and pleasant. This initiative has turned our tedious wait into a comfortable experience.”

A Step Forward in Passenger Convenience

The railways’ initiative to set up summer camps is a testament to their commitment to improving passenger experiences, particularly during the busiest seasons. These camps not only provide relief from the summer heat but also manage to streamline the process of waiting and boarding, thus enhancing overall trip satisfaction.

This initiative is expected to set a precedent for future endeavors to enhance traveler convenience during intense peak seasons across the country.

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