Hindon Airport, located in Ghaziabad, has recently expanded its connectivity, launching flights to Jalandhar’s Adampur Airport and Nanded in Maharashtra.

This development comes as a boon to travelers, with seats being fully booked on the first day of operation, showcasing the high demand and enthusiasm among passengers for these new routes.

Expanding Air Travel Horizons

  • Successful Launch: The flights to Jalandhar and Nanded started on Sunday, immediately reaching full capacity. This reflects the community’s excitement and the strategic importance of these routes in facilitating travel across India.


  • Enhanced Connectivity: The new flight service has notably improved connectivity to Bengaluru from Nanded, simplifying travel plans for many. On the first day, 127 passengers arrived at Hindon, while 137 took the flights to Jalandhar and Nanded.


  • Future Expansions: Plans are already underway to introduce flights from Hindon to Lucknow and Ayodhya, further enhancing the airport’s network and providing more options for travelers.

Affordable and Classy Travel

  • Fare Structure: The flights offer an economical travel option with economy class tickets from Hindon to Jalandhar starting at Rs. 1,500 and business class at Rs. 5,555.


  • For Nanded, the economy starts at Rs. 5,600, and business class at Rs. 8,888. Bangalore trips are priced at Rs. 8,600 for economy and nearly Rs. 18,000 for business class.


  • Growth in Connectivity: Within just one and a half months, Hindon Airport has connected directly to three cities, with the recent flights to Nanded enhancing the connectivity to Bangalore.


  • More cities, including Lucknow, Ayodhya, and even Mundra in Gujarat, are expected to join this network soon, following airline companies’ inspections of the airport.


The initiation of flights from Hindon to Jalandhar and Nanded marks a significant milestone in the airport’s mission to enhance regional air connectivity. The full booking on the first day of operation underscores the demand and potential for air travel in these routes.

With plans to add more destinations like Lucknow, Ayodhya, and others, Hindon Airport is set to become a pivotal hub for domestic travel, offering both affordable and premium travel experiences to a wider audience.

The seamless connectivity to major cities like Bangalore from Nanded further accentuates the strategic importance of these new routes in enriching India’s air travel network

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